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KAMPUNG CHE ZAINAL…Terletak lebih kurang 17 km dari bandaraya ipoh….Ustad Dahlan Harun (Lubis), 87, warga tertua Kampung Batu Sembilan memberitahu nama Chemor itu asalnya dari ëcemarí (chemor dalam loghat Perak) kerana gajah yang lalu-lalang di situ pada zaman silam menyebabkan tempat itu menjadi berlumpur dan tercemar.
Chemor, yang dahulunya sebuah penempatan pelombongan Cina, pernah mempunyai tiga perkampungan Mandailing iaitu Kampung Dusun Gelap, Kampung Tembok Baru dan Kampung Batu Sembilan. Kampung Dusun Gelap sudah lama pupus. Kampung Tembok Baru pula telah ditukar namanya kepada Kampung Batu Sebelas Setengah, Jalan Jelapang.

Chemor is a main town in Kinta district Perak, Malaysia. Nearby towns include Sungai Siput, Salak and Kuala Kangsar. Lafarge Malayan Cement has a big limestone quarry near Chemor. Chemor is also means “Mud” in Indian Sanskrit Language, while in the Chinese phonetics it means “Jewel”. About 12 km to the north of Chemor is a small town Sungai Siput. Sixteen kilometers south from Chemor is Ipoh City.
Chemor is a multiracial small town which initially very famous for tapioca plantation. Many of these planters are Hakkas. In the ’80s Chemor boasted of being the biggest tapioca producing town in the world!
In late ’80s the tapioca plantation was reduced and disappeared since heavy industrialization had taken place. Silicon Valley was the nickname given to Ipoh by early ’90s and all main income of people was from this electronic industries. The bulk of the investment was from Taiwanese entrepreneurs taking advantage of the lower cost structures as well as abundance of skilled labors. The Chemor town remains the same as it was from 1974 until now 2007. The main difference is there are plenty of housing areas around the town. Most of the youth during the era of downfall of Silicon industries (1996) have moved to bigger cities since all the silicon factories were closed down due currency depreciation.
After the downfall of electronic industry near Chemor town, the majority of people worked elsewhere. Chemor was notorious for a large number of illegal workers working in New York’s and San Francisco’s Chinatown, having gone there on the pretext of ‘tour’ but not making the return trip. The locals affectionately called this practice “jumping the plane”.
Rubber plantations were the second primary investment which started in 1970s up to year 1991. The reduction in the rubber market have made a great impact on the rubber tappers and income was reduced greatly. Most of the rubber trees were chopped down to get the logs for carpentry works.

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